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Item Fee
Account Research $40.00 per hour
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Check Cashing (Non-Customers) $5 ($0-$999), $10 ($1000-$1999), $15 ($2000 & Up)
Check Images Returned in Statement Monthly $5.00
Check Images Returned Monthly on CD $10.00
Collections $20.00
Currency & Coin (Non-Customers) $2 minimum or 10%
Inactive Account - Checking (After 6 months of inactivity) $5.00/Month
Inactive Account - Savings (After 12 months of inactivity) $5.00/Month
Dormant Account - Checking (After 12 months of becoming an inactive account) $10.00/Month
Dormant Account - Savings (After 18 months of becoming an inactive account) $10.00/Month
Incoming Fax - Per Page $3.00
Outgoing Fax - 1st Page $3.00
Outgoing Fax - Each Additional Page $1.00
NSF Paid Overdraft Fee (See Below) * $30.00
NSF Returned Item Fee (See Below)* $30.00
Early Closure of Account (Less than 3 months) $25.00
Extended Overdraft Fee (See Below)** $5.00
Interim Statements $2.00
IRA Transfer/Termination Fee $35.00
Notary Fee $5.00
Photocopies (per copy) $0.50
Returned Deposited Item Fee $7.00 per item
Returned Mail (One-time fee) $10.00
Stop Payments $25.00
Tax Levy/Garnishments $40.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming $15.00
Wire Transfer - International (both incoming & outgoing) $50.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing $25.00

*NSF Created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM Withdrawal, or other electronic means, $150.00 Maximum Daily Fee for NSF Paid/Returned.

**Extended Overdraft Fee - If balance in checking or savings goes negative for 7 consecutive business days, on the 8th day of being negative, customer will get charged fee daily thereafter. 


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