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Savings & Club Accounts

Regular Savings Account

Interest will be compounded & credited quarterly. A minimum balance fee of $1.00 will be imposed every month if the balance in the account falls below $100.00 any day of the month. You may not make more than six (6) transfers and withdrawals from your account per month by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephone transfer (including data transmission) agreement, order or instruction or by check, draft, debit card or similar order payable to third parties.  All fees are waived for minor (under age 18) accounts.

Christmas Club Account

Upon opening the account, you will be paid the disclosed interest rate until maturity of the club account.  Interest will be credited at maturity.  The maximum amount you may deposit is $500.00 per month. You may open one personal account per tax identification number.  Checks for principal and interest are issued at the end of the club period in October.

Liberty Club

Membership Requirements: You must be age 50 or over AND maintain a minimum balance of $2,500.00 on deposit.

Benefits: Free Liberty Club Independence State Bank checks (limit one box per year), no charge for money orders over $100), safe deposit discounts (50% off one safe deposit box rental per year), free photo copies, free notary service, free fax use, social events, special travel tours. A $5.00 per month charge will be imposed if you wish to receive your check images with your statements.

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