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Happy Friday Friends! Two weeks ago when I posted the last blog, there was not much to talk about, and now I have so much to talk about. It is crazy how much can change within two weeks. As you all know, COVID-19 is here and has been impacting everyone. Schools closing, businesses closing, business hours getting restricted and much more.

Independence State Bank has decided to close their lobby doors at all three locations until further notice. We are doing this for the safety of our employees and customers. WE WILL STILL HAVE DRIVE-UP OPEN NORMAL HOURS!

Monday – Thursday: 8 AM-5 PM

Friday: 8 AM-5:30 PM

Saturday: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM

(Elk Mound & Independence Branched Only on Saturday)

Staying Clean: Employees at each branch are taking this time to deep clean the bank, sanitize and wipe down everything, and much more. We want all of our customers to know that we are wiping down counter tops, microphones, pens, and pretty much everything else in the bank multiple times a day, using hand sanitizer all day, wearing gloves, and making sure we keep distance from each other to help prevent COVID-19.

Any employees that feel sick or just don’t feel good have been staying at home to help prevent the spread of any sicknesses within the branches at Independence State Bank.

Bankers Advice: We know that during times like this, things can get scary and people start to worry. Advice from our bankers here at Independence State Bank: when your money is in the bank it is FDIC Insured, and, when it is not in the bank, it is NOT insured. The LAST THING you want to do is withdrawal all your money because if something happens such as: getting robbed, fire, losing it, etc. you have NO way to get that money back because again, it’s not FDIC Insured. We want our customers to know that as of today (3-20-20) Independence State Bank has no intentions to fully close; so, you will have access to your money if you need to.

Scams: As some of you know, there have been some scams going around involving COVID-19. We want our customers at Independence State Bank to be aware of what is going on.

  • Receiving a text message stating “Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are giving out free iPhone 11 smartphones to help spend time at home. (Your name), go to (link provided).” DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Delete the message.
  • Individuals coming to your doorstep informing you they are with the COVID-19 testing group. DO NOT LET THEM IN. The government is NOT sending people around to complete COVID-19 testing.
  • Scammers are sending e-mails wanting you to click on a link. If you click on that link the scammers get access to your personal information. REMINDER: if you do NOT know who the e-mail is from- DO NOT OPEN IT or CLICK ON ANY LINKS!


Questions & Concerns: During times like this, if you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE call any one of our three branches and let them answer your questions and assure you that your money is safe!


Stay safe & healthy!

Until the next time my friends!






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